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The given registration body is department of the Ukrainian Medical Council and performs registration of allied health professionals.

Department functions:

  • Conducting and support and assistance in formation of the nation-wide register of practising allied health professionals, for the purpose of realization of the further practice by them in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Assistance in increasing of the professional level of allied health professionals due to the improvement in the level of proficiency and practical skill.


  • Carrying out training courses, seminars, medical conferences, symposiums accordingly to statutory activity of the organization.
  • Investigation of complaints and acceptance of corresponding actions to specialists who render poor-quality services. If at present you consider career as one of allied health professionals, it is necessary for you to file an application for registration and to familiarize yourself with steps for advanced professional training or career continuation in the department of the Ukrainian Professional Council of Public Health Services.

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If you are the customer of services (patient) of specialists which are registered at our department, you can address to us with gratitude or the complaint in order to achieve taking measures. Working in partnership with the public, a number of other professional bodies, we can provide the highest degree of service for all interested parties.

It means that if you aren't satisfied by treatment, you can address to us for the purpose of checking the activity of the specialist. And if the specialist doesn't answer our standards, we can take measures which will suspend its practice.